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Denise was the founder of Finding Feathers Healing and Wellness Center in Fairfield, Ct.  Healings with Denise is committed to the same spiritual growth and healing Finding Feathers was based on. Nourishing your spirit Рmind, body & soul.

She specializes in healing, spiritual balancing and personal growth. Her goal is to help individuals release old negative patterns and beliefs that are holding them back from a life of abundance, joy, happiness and peace.

Our Services

Energy Healing

No conflict can be resolved at the same vibration from which it is created” – Albert Einstein

There are many benefits to energy healing. At it’s core, energy healing will “raise your vibration”. These healings release traumas, negative thinking and long term beliefs/emotions that no longer serve us. As we raise our vibrational energy — we change, we shift, we heal and we grow.

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